Point Cloud Segmentation

🚀 A glimpse into a building block of a bigger project: Lidar point cloud segmentation, with only 3D points a Ouster OS1-128 Lidar.

🚗That’s the daily task of Autonomous Vehicles, and Perception4D applies to many other usages

🤖 Benchmarking and Retraining Deep Learning networks on inhouse data, from old-ish RandLanet PointPillars to KPConv and SuperPoint Transformer

💻 The direct usage goes from cleaning the scanned point cloud to computing road surface or cable length. And that’s a building brick for other projects.

🤝A huge thanks to Youssef OUCHOUID who work on this during his end of study internship supervised by Manon Cortial-Picard & Bastien Jacquet

3D Object Detection and Tracking

🚀 Excited to share Perception4D improvements in 3D object detection and tracking, thanks to close collaboration with MasterMind, LLC which has very nice Lidar scanning use cases, with 2x Ouster OS1-128 and a whooping 72 MP Ladybug6 spherical camera (from FLIR Systems, not used here).

🤖 Leveraging Mastermind’s data and hardware expertise with our advanced algorithms, we’re pushing the boundaries in accuracy and efficiency for real-world applications like autonomous vehicles and urban planning.

💻 The usage goes from cleaning the scanned point cloud to tracking and analyzing vehicle and people trajectories.

🙏 Thanks to Ouster Lidars, FLIR SystemsTrimble Applanix for their cutting-edge tech.

🚗 If you need a scan in Ohio do ask the best : Nicholas Hickman MasterMind, LLC

Stay tuned for more developments!

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Recap of 2023

🌟 It’s time for a recap of our amazing 2023 year at Perception4D!

🚀 We have been very busy on many projects involving 3D visualization, LIDAR-based SLAM and machine learning applied to 3D point clouds (semantic segmentation and object detection). Check this short video for an overview of some of our results.

❤️ A heartfelt thank you to our incredible team, our partners, and everyone who contributed to making 2023 an unforgettable year for Perception4D.

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P4D at ICCV 2023

🚀 Perception4D is thrilled to announce that Bastien Jacquet and Manon Cortial-Picard will be at #ICCV23 in Paris next week!

🎓 We love getting updated on the latest breakthroughs and to meet the driving forces of research in computer vision and robotics. The program is so rich in our main subjects of interest: #3D #perception, #segmentation and object #detection in LiDAR point clouds, #SLAM

🤝 Reconnect and Network: Bastien and Manon are excited to catch up with old acquaintances and meet new friends in the industry. Whether you’ve collaborated in the past or share a common interest in #LiDAR, #Robotics, or #computervision, this is a fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences.

#ICCV23 #LiDAR #Robotics #Innovation #ComputerVision #ParisConference #Networking

P4D at SIDO Lyon 2023

🚀 Bastien Jacquet sera à  SIDO Lyon – IoT, IA, Robotique & XR cette semaine à Lyon, comme chaque année depuis 2019 😊. Faites-nous signe pour échanger sur vos avancées, produits ou besoins en capteurs et perception 2.5D, 3D et 4D. L’équipe Perception4D sera ravi d’échanger autour des avancées #capteurs, #IA et #robotique 🤖 et de recroiser tous ceux qui font vivre l’#industrie française et l’innovation dans le monde de la #3D 🆛.

🤝 Vous avez un projet spécifique avec un #LiDAR, des caméras 3D ? Des nuages de points à analyser ? Un algorithme de #slam à améliorer ? Contactez-nous pour en discuter de vive voix.

LiDAR Simulator POC on Unity

🆛 Simulator for a two 360° LiDAR car-scanner, to tune their position & scanning coverage. Proof of concept done in a few hours using #Unity3D, building on past #UE5 work. (Sorry for quick-and-shaky video 😊)
Stay tuned for the corresponding real-world data 😉

Added value:
↪ 📐 Design: Choose the best Lidar positioning for robot field of view coverage.
↪ 🤖 Robotics: Test the algorithms with a controlled, synthetic, LiDAR datastream.
↪ 🎥 Surveillance: Place the Lidar at the best position covering intersection or parking spots.
↪ 📷 Lidar Manufacturers: Optimize laser directions and assembly for specific needs.

🚀 Combined expertise in Robotics, Lidar and Visualization get us pretty quick to prototype 4D (3D+time) data analysis in hours.

💻 Perception4D take your R&D concept to a tailored prototype in record time.

1 year taking R&D concepts to tested prototypes

🚀 One year ago, we were two LiDAR and 3D visualization experts, very excited to offer our expertise in 3D and 4D (3D+time) data analysis. 
We were a bit anxious about finding enough projects to sustain our business and have fun.

👨‍⚖️ One year later, Perception4D is 4 people strong, having fun running multiple projects including SLAM and robotics, multi lidar integration and point cloud machine learning & AI.

💻 We are the 4D Perception experts who can take your R&D concept to a tailored prototype in record time.

🎉 We are so glad to have jumped in this thrilling adventure ! 
🎂 Happy 1-year anniversary Perception4D !

The project here was about localisation and mapping, and was efficiently run thanks to the great power of opensource softwares:

  • LidarView I created years ago
  • SLAM algo KISS-ICP (by Ignacio Martin Vizzo, Tiziano Guadagnino, Benedikt Mersch, Louis Wiesmann, Jens Behley, and Cyrill Stachniss)
  • SLAM algo CT-ICP (by Pierre Dellenbach, Jean-Emmanuel Deschaud, Bastien Jacquet, François Goulette)

Thanks to our amazing team :
Joachim Pouderoux, Manon Cortial-Picard, Bastien Jacquet, Youssef OUCHOUID, Nikos Paragios
#robotics #lidar #slam #3Dperception #agile

🎉 She’s here! Manon just joined the Perception4D team. Our new partner is ready to tackle any LiDAR, SLAM or point cloud challenge you may have!

🎓 She has a 10y+ background in robotics, computer vision and AI, and expertise in embedded software for industrial 3D printing. As a qualified expert in 3D data analysis, she will ensure high quality counseling and robust programming on your 3D projects.

🚀 Need a hand on mobile robotics SLAM? 3D computer vision? Point cloud data analysis? Contact us!

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