3D Object Detection and Tracking

🚀 Excited to share Perception4D improvements in 3D object detection and tracking, thanks to close collaboration with MasterMind, LLC which has very nice Lidar scanning use cases, with 2x Ouster OS1-128 and a whooping 72 MP Ladybug6 spherical camera (from FLIR Systems, not used here).

🤖 Leveraging Mastermind’s data and hardware expertise with our advanced algorithms, we’re pushing the boundaries in accuracy and efficiency for real-world applications like autonomous vehicles and urban planning.

💻 The usage goes from cleaning the scanned point cloud to tracking and analyzing vehicle and people trajectories.

🙏 Thanks to Ouster Lidars, FLIR SystemsTrimble Applanix for their cutting-edge tech.

🚗 If you need a scan in Ohio do ask the best : Nicholas Hickman MasterMind, LLC

Stay tuned for more developments!

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