🚨🚗🤖 Perception4D had already many projects going on, so the team had to grow. (And let’s be honest, bigger team means more fun! ).
💪😍 Amid the job market craziness in Computer Vision, Perception4D’s offer for innovative projects, small team and direct company direction involvement attracted many, hence it took only two weeks finding our Senior Computer Vision & Partner.
[So no need anymore to hurry up and mail us your CV: we will still read it, but priority is now our marvelous projects.]

🎉🤝👨‍⚖️ Perception4D found a rare gem: a Partner eager to tackle the amazing projects of our coming years.

🎓💻🆛 She will enhance Perception4D’s expertise in Robotic, Computer Vision, SLAM, and AI;

😊🌎🚀 We look forward to share her enthusiasm which convinced us, her experience in collaborative projects, and her passion and knowledge of autonomous innovative machines & robots.

Stay tuned for details 😉

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