Announcing Perception4D, dedicated to unlock your R&D goals through our expertise in 3D Computer Vision, and more specifically capture, analysis and display of 3D+time data.

We are the software craftsmen bridging the gap between:
🚀 State of​​ the art vision and AI research 
🚩 Your real, applied and specific company needs

We provide:
✅ perception algorithms (based on time varying 2/3D input)
✅ for real-world applications,
✅ on any platforms (from mobile to clusters),
✅ developed as editable blocks,
✅ written for technical developers, by technical developers.

After 10+ years of successful open source development, Bastien Jacquet, Joachim Pouderoux and Nikos Paragios are combining their experience in Computer Vision, AI and Scientific Visualization.

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