LiDAR Simulator POC on Unity

🆛 Simulator for a two 360° LiDAR car-scanner, to tune their position & scanning coverage. Proof of concept done in a few hours using #Unity3D, building on past #UE5 work. (Sorry for quick-and-shaky video 😊)
Stay tuned for the corresponding real-world data 😉

Added value:
↪ 📐 Design: Choose the best Lidar positioning for robot field of view coverage.
↪ 🤖 Robotics: Test the algorithms with a controlled, synthetic, LiDAR datastream.
↪ 🎥 Surveillance: Place the Lidar at the best position covering intersection or parking spots.
↪ 📷 Lidar Manufacturers: Optimize laser directions and assembly for specific needs.

🚀 Combined expertise in Robotics, Lidar and Visualization get us pretty quick to prototype 4D (3D+time) data analysis in hours.

💻 Perception4D take your R&D concept to a tailored prototype in record time.